100% Vinyls Music

Can’t Fake The Funk is a music event dedicated to the five funk dynasties from the year it was born in 1965 till today that comes from across the world.

The musical journey wants to be syncopated and punctuated by all kind of beats from every cultural origins, adressed to music lovers and dancers. This event has already welcomed special guests such as Dj Suspect from France and Kris Guilty, who is behind the record shop La Rama. 

The music, carefully selected and played, rapidly convinced the music lovers and dancers from Montreal that has become loyal to the concept. They keep coming back to every monthly event that takes place in a residence spot, the Pow-Pow, as well as to other venues.

Muzik Dézil is a music event fully comitted to the music from the Islands from the sixties to nowadays, our two djs and music diggers invite you to a groovy journey throughout their records’ collection that will make you discover the music wonders originated from the Islands of the world. 

Their selection includes music from Haiti, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Barbados, Madagascar, Reunion and Mauritius Island, Puerto-Rico, Cuba, Cape Verde, Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Saint-Martin, Saint-Lucia, Saint-Thomas and more.