Kobal and GrandHuit’s duo was formed in Montreal after they’ve met each other and discovered that they had a shared interest for the same kind of music : funk and music from the Islands. Both are major music lovers and records enthusiasts despite their generation gap. 

The two DJ’s decided to gain their forces in order to organize two different types of music event: 

One focused on funk music from its birth to today; Can’t Fake The Funk and the other one, more orientated towards music from the Islands from the sixties to nowadays; Muzik Dézil. 

Both of these events has brought back good feedbacks and generated an interest thanks to the different experiences of the two artists. 

Kobal, along these last 30 years of djing, has been able to play with well-known artists such as Stevie Wonder, Roy Ayers, Seun Kuti and a lot more while GrandHuit, who comes from the Reunion Island, and is a beatmaker and throughout his travels, co-founded his own music collective Tour de Manège at a young age.

They both realized that their different backgrounds were complementary and decided to express their united passion across these two events (Muzik Dézil and Can’t Fake The Funk) allowing them a wide range of vibes so they can be more effective for all types of dancefloor.